A nautical log entry system designed for mariners, by mariners.

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The complete log keeping solution

ShipsLog®, developed for mariners, by mariners, with the needs of captain and crew in mind, replaces those endless paper log books. Now, all the information required to be maintained can be entered in one location via your personal computer - virtually eliminating the need for paper. ShipsLog® accurately maintains Ship Position Log, Data Sheet, Remarks Sheet, Night Orders, Standing Orders, Arrival, Departure, and Master's Daily Report.

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Easy to use.

ShipsLog® was designed from the deck up, with emphasis placed on ease of use for all users!

If you can use Windows(tm), you can use ShipsLog®. Navigation through ShipsLog® is as simple as point and click.

With ShipsLog® you can easily view current and historical vessel information.

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Time saving tools.

ShipsLog® contains valuable time saving tools to help you quickly and efficiently enter information and generate routine reports.

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Password protected.

Each user is assigned a unique password and user Id that allows you to determine which options are available to an individual user.

For example, all users can view and sign off night orders but only individuals with designated access levels can write orders.

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Status screen.

The focal point for most users, the status screen, is automatically displayed upon login and provides continuous up to date information. The status screen allows the user to update Position Log Heading, Data Sheet and Watch Text. ShipsLog® updates true course, magnetic course, deviation and compass error. Screen content varies for in-port or at-sea status. Date and time, along with GMT are continuously displayed.

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Check off list.

ShipsLog® offers computerized lists for pre-departure, arrival in-port, or watch duty requirements. Each item can be automatically added to the log text as they are completed. The lists are user defined and can be of any nature or length.

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Report generator.

ShipsLog® report generator allows you to send your reports to the screen, printer, or file.

Reports Include:

Remarks Sheet (Watch Text) - Includes: date, watch text, date reviewed and reviewer's name, date approved and approver's name, and review and approval comments.

Master's Daily Report - Includes: noon, arrival, departure, date, position, course, distance, running time, average speed, remarks, and wind, sea, and weather information.

Night Orders - Includes date, night order text, originator, and names and time of all individuals who have signed off the night orders.

Position Log - Includes: date and time, longitude, latitude, type of fix and remarks.

Data Sheet - Includes: date and time, and detailed information on course, speed, standard compass error wind, temperature, and weather information.


Emprise Corporation provides all installation, training, and log development services required for the implementation of the ShipsLog® product. 365/24/7 help desk support is provided to both our commercial and government customers.

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