Emprise Secure Transfer Agent

Emprise Secure File Transfers

Send any file with confidence that it will get to its recipient and only that recipient.

Emprise Secure File Transfer Agent

Emprise Secure Transfer Agent (ESTA®) provides reliable and secure file transfer even over unreliable network connections. Public/Private key based certificate system and industry standard TLS protocols are employed to ensure secure data transfer. Transferring files with ESTA can be accomplished by simply dragging and dropping files within the Microsoft Explorer file manager. Maximum data integrity is guaranteed by validating files before, during and after transport. If an unreliable internet connection exists, ESTA will save time and energy by resuming your file transfers exactly where they left off, instead of re-sending the entire file again.

ESTA Emprise Secure Transfer Agent

Feature Rich Software

ESTA® has exactly what you need to securely and reliably send and recieve sensitive materials via the web.



  • TLS Protocol
  • 1024 bit or 2048 bit
  • Public/ Private Key Exchange
  • Certificate based peer identification
  • FIPS compliant option
  • Detailed audit records


  • Dynamic message routing system
  • Supports complex network infrastructure requirements
  • Supports transitioning between multiple servers and network zones


  • Resumes file transfer automatically
  • Will automatically attempt to reconnect if connection is unavailable.


  • Drag and drop
  • File explorer Interface

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