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Why Choose ESTA?

A Proven Solution

ESTA has successfully transferred millions of files, encompassing thousands of gigabytes of data. A significant portion of which were delivered via satellite, all without a single loss of data.

Safe and Dependable

Your data is secure against prying eyes, even over unreliable and untrusted network connections.

Cost Effective

Provides you with the most functionality, using minimal resources, maximizing your investment.

A secure file transfer doesn't have to be cumbersome or confusing!

ESTA, Emprise Secure Transfer Agent, is a secure automated file transfer solution. Installed as a Windows service and operating in the background, it works quickly and quietly to ensure that your data makes it to its intended destination. The simple nature of the solution allows for easy integration into existing systems, and interoperability with software solutions whether they be legacy left overs or bleeding edge products. If your connection drops, ESTA will re-establish a connection when it can, and resume your transfer right where it left off, instead of restarting at the beginning, ensuring minimal bandwidth usage despite the stops and starts. ESTA does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on the data, instead of focusing on how to get it from here to there. No longer will you have to rely on stop-gap solutions and command line utilities.

Just set it up once, and it'll run for forever.

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- 1024bit or 2048bit
    Public/Private Key Exchange.
- Certificate based on peer
- TLS.
- FIPS Compliance Option.
- Detailed Audit Reports.


- Drag, drop, and done.
- File Explorer Interface.


- Automatic file resume.
- Periodic connection retries.
- Resumes exactly where it left off.


- Dynamic message routing system.
- Multi-tiered options available.

Security Is Imperative So Emprise Secure Transfer Agent uses the industry standard TLS protocol to ensure that your files are safe from prying eyes, and a secure Public/Private key based certificate system to ensure that your files aren't intercepted along the way. Simplicity Begets Productivity And so Emprise Secure Transfer Agent doesn't require cumbersome client software for your users to move files around with. Transferring files with Emprise Secure Transfer Agent can be accomplished by simply dragging and dropping files within the Microsoft Explorer file manager. Reliability Is Absolutely Essential Which is why Emprise Secure Transfer Agent ensures maximum data integrity by validating files before, during, and after transport. If you have an unreliable internet connection, Emprise Secure Transfer Agent will save you time and energy by resuming your file transfer exactly where they left off, instead of re-sending the entire file again. Flexibility Allows for Future Expansion Emprise Secure Transfer Agent's flexible routing system allows you to setup computers to be used as relay points, also known as hops, or switching points. This allows you to manage the flow of files over network architectures which might not allow a direct connection between two computers.